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Premium Class 1 Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
GPU Transcoding (optional)
Dedicated Ip (optional)
Custom Domain connection with all apps
Intel XEON 100% Physical CPUs
Non overbooked servers (check with 24 hour trial)
SSL Encryption on all apps
Two Factor Authentication for better security
Re-Routing Traffic  (NTT, Cogent, Seabone, GTT, Zayo, Level3, Core-backbone, LG)
Easy Web MTR Connectivity Checker
Custom application requests on Medium and Large plans (Delivered within a few hours)
7 Day Refund policy
Root Access (Full port range when combined with Dedicated IP)
UnionFS, Plexdrive & other mounts support
Plex, Emby and JellyFin Support
Free VPN Support with OpenVPN
Dark Theme (easier for the eyes)
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Available Boxes

Shared boxes, provisioned instantly, offer great IO power while maintaining simplicity for complex tasks of managing and using multiple services in one clean place with a few clicks. Shared boxes offer

- Re-Routing
- GPU Transcoding
- 20 Gbit Network
- Root Access
- Dedicated IP our of the box
- Full port range to use with Dedicated Ip option
- Remote VNC Environment
- Fuse Support

Disk Space in TiB** Outgoing Traffic GPU Dedicated Ip Incoming Traffic Max Concurrent Cores Uplink Max Geekbench Score
1 TiB
+10 GiB NVMe
4TB Premium then 100mbit Unmetered
10 € /mo
5 € /mo
20 Gbit Unmetered 10 20Gbps 15349 from 14.95 € /mo
3 TiB 
+20 GiB NVMe
12TB Premium then 100mbit Unmetered
10 € /mo
5 € /mo
20 Gbit Unmetered 20 20Gbps 34599 from 29.95 € /mo
6 TiB 
+ 30GiB NVMe
35TB Premium then 100mbit Unmetered
Free Free 20 Gbit Unmetered 40 20Gbps 46814 from 79.95 € /mo

Dedicated Boxes

Dedicated Boxes, provisioned within 48 hours, offer the same quality software and options of our shared ones. Each Dedicated box is hosted in one dedicated server matching the specs below providing guaranteed power as there is no else in the server while offering many of the great features of our shared boxes, some of those are mentioned below:

- Re-Routing
- Root Access
- Dedicated IP out of the box
- Full port range to use
- Same awesome look n feel like our shared boxes
- Remote VNC Environment
- Fuse Support

CPU Disk Space RAM Supports Dedicated Ip Connectivity Hosted in
E3-1241 v3 2x4TB HDD
16GB Docker icon Included 1 Gbit Nforce, Netherlands 89.95 € /mo
E3-1240 v5 120GB SSD
32GB Docker icon Included 1 Gbit Nforce, Netherlands 109.95 € /mo
*Dedicated Boxes price includes a non refundable 49.95€ setup fee

We don't believe in fairytales.

We believe in strong hardware and software infrastructure to support your cloudbox and data.

1-Click Installable Apps and Features

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Plex Emby Jellyfin

Stream your media to all of your devices with Plex, Emby and Jellyfin with GPU Transcoding


Cloudflare Protection and CDN Delivery



Gpu final

GPU Transcoding



File manager

User Friendly Web File Manager


Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive integration

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