How to create multiple FTPS users
August 20th, 2021, 22:43


FTPS is a standard protocol to transfer files reliable and fast. In this article you will learn how to install and set up FTPS server to support multiple users with different kind of access.


Step 1 - Install FTP Secure (Proftpd) app

Find FTP Secure (Proftpd) on the available apps to install and click Install.

On the form that will pop up, enable Extra Users and define each user details of access. Make use you write full path for the folders you want users to gain access to (eg. /mnt/shared/ftpuser1)

ATTENTION! By default and even if you don't enable Extra Users, there will be one user set up for your default Cloudbox username and password that will have Read/Write access on your root Shared Storage Directiory which is /mnt/shared.

Step 2 - Install an FTP Client on your computer - mobile

Download Filezilla from the official website

Step 3 - Open Filezilla Client

Open you neawly installed Filezilla client and configure like this.

IP: Your CloudboxIP

PORT: Your FTPS random exposed port

USERNAME and PASSWORD you have set up on the previous form for the extra users.


You have successfully setup FTPS service  on your Cloudbox.