How to use subtitles for my movies
November 16th, 2017, 15:31

via SubZero

Once you 've installed PLEX you may configure your server to match for any available subtitles.

1. Open your PLEX Server GUI

2. Go to Channels

3. Install Channels

4. More

5. Meta Data Agents

6. Install Sub-Zero

7. Settings

8. Server

9. Agents
10. "Movies" -> "The Movie Database", check on "Sub-Zero Subtitles" and drag it on top
11. "Movies" -> "Plex Movie", check on "Sub-Zero Subtitles" and drag it on top
12.  Repeat 10,11 for "Shows" -> "The Movie Database" and "Shows" -> "TheTVDB"
13. You can configure you subtitle settings by clicking on the SubZero settings icon to configure your Subtitles preferences.

Manually Add your Subs

If you want to manually add a subtitle, please upload it via your File Manager app on the same folder that your movie is in under the same file name.