Set up emby server
April 10th, 2018, 17:54

Go to your Cloudbox UI and go to Available Apps section on the bottom.

1. Install emby application

2. Once emby is installed, click on Open emby

3. Connect current installation with your emby username or email (you can create an emby account from the following link,┬žion=register)

4. Once you have connected your server with your emby account, add your libraries



TV Shows




5. Complete steps to finalise installation

6. Once you have finished setting up your emby app, go to Settings -> Advanced (Expert) and edit "Public http port number" to match the one advertised in your Cloudbox page in your installed app emby information.

Emby client (any device)

1. Sign in with Emby connect (the one you have connected to your Emby server)

2. Accept invitation from the server

3. Browse your files

If for any reason you cannot connect to your server , please add server manually

1. Add Server


3. PORT: EMBYPublicAssignedPort (as shown on your Cloudbox page)