Set up emby server
April 10th, 2018, 17:54

Go to your Cloudbox UI and go to Available Apps section on the bottom.

  1. Install emby application
  2. Once emby is installed, click on Open emby
  3. Connect current installation with your emby username or email (or you can register for an emby account)
  4. Once you have connected your server with your emby account, add your libraries

    Movies:         /mnt/shared/media/movies
    TV Shows: /mnt/shared/media/tvshows
    Music:            /mnt/shared/media/music

  5. Complete steps to finalize installation

To be able to connect from any device using your URL, go to Settings -> Advanced (Expert section), head to the bottom of the page and change your settings to match the following picture, except for:

  1. Public HTTP port number: Use randomly assigned port, as described on Emby app from your cloudbox management page
  2. External domain: You have to use your username and server

Public HTTPS Port Number:    443
External domain: (or if using CDN:
Secure connection mode:       Handled by reverse proxy

To connect from Emby client (any device):

  1. Sign in with Emby connect (the one you have connected to your emby server)
  2. Accept invitation from the server
  3. Browse your files

If you haven't connected with your account, you will have to add server manually:

  1. Tap Add Server
  2. Fill in with your details:

    Port: 443

  3. Tap Connect