Set up TheLounge as Private IRC
August 20th, 2019, 17:18

If you want to have a login form on TheLounge, you will have to set it on private mode and then create a user to login.


  1. Install TheLounge (IRC) on your box using our 1-click installable app.
  2. Using ssh or a file manager, edit file config.js (under /mnt/shared/config/thelounge/) and change public: true to public: false.
  3. Create a new file "yourusername.json" on users folder (under /mnt/shared/config/thelounge/users/ ) and place inside:


        "password": "$2a$11$AhS1AedLtJo5uPYwMCrR4O8acUCVc4O9O3uwp6CSYuyGBZcuJeiw2",

        "log": true,

        "awayMessage": "",

        "networks": [],

        "sessions": {}


    You may rename this file to whatever you want your username to be (i.e.: cloudboxesio_rocks.json).

  4. Restart TheLounge from your dashboard.
  5. Visit TheLounge and you should have a login page.
  6. Use yourusername as username and abc123 as password.
  7. Change password from the Settings page.