Troubleshoot Plex
October 22nd, 2021, 17:05


In this tutorial we are going to explain how to resolve most common Plex performance and network issues.


Step 1 - Do the following changes on your Plex which will improve your server's stability

The following configuration should resolve the most common Plex problems.

  1. Settings > Library > Scan my library automatically > Uncheck
  2. Settings > Library > Scan my library periodically > Uncheck
  3. Settings > Library > Generate video preview thumbnails> Change to "never"
  4. Settings > Network > Preferred network interface > Change to "eth0"
  5. Settings > Network > Uncheck "Enable server support for IPv6"
  6. Settings > Network > Secure Connections set to "Preferred"
  7. Settings > Network > Custom server access URLs and replace its content with:
    • Using EDGE CDN:
    • Using CDN:
    • Without CDN:

  8. Replace username with your cloudbox username.

Save and Restart Plex.

If the problem persists, continue with the next steps!

Step 2 - Use Rerouting tool

From your cloudbox's dashboard, click the Re-route button to open the Rerouting Tool of your cloudbox. For CP01 it would be

Check out our wiki article on how to use Rerouting tool: Improve peering using Rerouting tool

Step 3 - Change DNS

From your device's settings, open Network Configuration and manually set Preferred DNS server:

  • Cloudlfare:
  • Google:

Step 4 - Do a speedtest whithin your Cloudbox SSH app

You'll have to enabled sudo from your cloudbox's dashboard.

  1. sudo apt update
  2. sudo apt install iperf
  3. iperf -c -P 5

Step 5 - Then test your box against different routes by running the following

  1. wget -qO- | bash

Step 6 - Continue by debugging connectivity between your HOME IP and Cloudbox

On your home computer try downloading a few files from the Netherlands and report the average speed you get on each one.



Step 7 - Send us your results in a ticket

Create a new ticket and send us the results in order to further help you debug your issues!


You have successfully retrieved all the information necessary to help us solve your Plex problems.