What is Plexdrive and why should i use it?
April 20th, 2019, 23:17

What is Plexdrive?

Plexdrive is a nice open source binary allows you to mount your Google Drive folders to your Cloudbox locally into a read only FUSE mount.

However, this binary tends to be very buggy under IO intensive workload or while Google API has limit user access or combined.

Once you have installed plexdrive binary you may first load all content into your GDrive library then have your PLEX libraries set and updated to pull from those directories.

Project is developed and maintained by 14 people and has 290 commits at the time of writing this article and sourcecode can be found on Github.

Why should I use it?

You may want to use plexdrive in order to extend your Cloudbox local Disk Storage.

Commons issues

As plexdrive relies on FUSE, expect down times, random crashes, hanging processes and even unresponsive Cloudbox management UI (Cloudflare gateway errors etc).