Claim a Dedicated IP
October 9th, 2019, 23:24


Dedicated IP means that it's just you using that IP so, noone else is going to break your IP reputation and therefore avoiding tracker bans.

To get a Dedicated IP, go to your Cloudbox management page and follow the steps below!


Step 1 - Click on your Cloudbox's IP

Step 2 - A menu with available IPs will open

Step 3 - Click Request on the one you want

Currently, invoice is generated after approval by our team members.

Step 4 - Upon payment, your cloudbox will have to be transferred to your own network.

Step 5 - Any new app will be installed on your new network and will be accessible using your Dedicated IP.


The internal-apps communication shall be done ONLY by using IP and PORT of the app want to connect to instead of using the external domains eg