Refund Policy
June 25th, 2017, 23:34

All our cloudboxes are covered with 7 days money back policy. 

You can order any of our cloudboxes and use it as a test, you can cancel it within the first 7 days and we will refund your money. All refunds are issued pro-rata and based on what you have used, we will bill you only for the traffic used. Each TB of Bandwidth costs 3€. 

Let's say you buy the Small plan for 14.95€ and you consume 1TB of Bandwidth during the first 3 days of creation. in the example, If you ask for a refund we will refund you 11.95€.

To ask for a refund,  please create a support ticket with such a request. Your cloudbox will be cancelled as soon as we receive your request and then your money will be refunded back.

Refund policy applies to new orders only. That said, subscription renewals are not covered by this refund policy.

If one client gets two refunds then every other refund request will only be executed through our own credit system for future use.

0,30€ amount paid for trials are not covered by our Refund Policy.